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That Horse Said What?

How did this journey begin? Well, let's just say that "spiritual" is not the word I'd use to describe my first animal communication experience.

The knees of my jeans were soaked with horse pee. Denali was his name and, like the tallest mountain in North America, this horse was a challenge, at least for a soft touch like me. He hated being tethered so I worked on his injuries in his stall, crawling after him through the urine soaked flake that doubled as his bed and his toilet.

As I maneuvered my light therapy equipment around his feet and lower legs, a loud, irritated voice seemingly booms inside my head: “This hay is crap”. There is no one around but Denali and me and I noticed he was pushing a lot of hay off to the side until he found some he wanted to eat. Truth is, I knew nothing about hay. It looked like it always did to my untrained eyes.

Five minutes later, one of the horse “moms” peeks in and announces “there’s mold all over the hay”.

A few weeks later, Denali was well enough for his trainer to begin lightly riding him. It is customary in these situations to give the horse a mild sedative to prevent him from over-doing it and risking re-injury. While Denali was waiting to be ridden- I offered up a carrot. This action usually meant risking the loss of a digit as he could never inhale carrots fast enough for his own liking. This time, he wouldn’t touch it. Moments later, the voice in my head boomed again “Get me out of here” and within what seemed to be a nanosecond, his trainer came around the corner, injected him with too much sedative and his head dropped to within inches of the ground. (note: he was ok, he just had to let it wear off).

I found these “messages” disturbing enough to seek out a local, gifted animal communicator named Key Burns and enrolled in a one day introductory class. As she guided us through exercises that tested our intuitive chops, I may not have gotten all the right answers all of the time, but I had enough “I can’t believe I heard this” experiences that I started to consider possibilities. I just couldn’t tell you what they were.

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