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Emilion Opens The Door

I seemed to have some sort of special bond with Emilion. His human mom Christine is the owner/trainer of River Run Farm, a wonderful hunter-jumper barn in Brewster NY where I did some photopuncture and light therapy work on her horses. When no one could get Emilion to come in from the field, she would send me out with a carrot, at which point he simply followed me back into the barn. My ego got a huge kick out of this and for the moment, I enjoyed pretending I was a horse whisperer- one of those lifelong gifted horse humans who eat-breathe and sleep horses and are said to be able to motivate even the most unruly horse to do what he/she wants, without force.

The fact was, Emilion chose to enter the barn with me of his own volition, not because of my magic powers, but because he had an agenda. I knew that he had a big personality and would often kick the wall to get someone’s attention, but never knew for what reason. After his treatment, I put away my equipment and went back to give him some loving. He swung around and put his left shoulder up against my hands, then his right hind end, practically pinning me against the wall. This went on for a while when I heard:

“Why do you bother with these machines- when are you going to start to run energy? The horses are waiting for you”.

OK…now my career counselor has four legs and a tail. I couldn’t think of an appropriate answer before he continued:

” Do you know the reason all these healing modalities work? It’s because humans believe they will…and that belief brings them closer to love so their vibration rises and they heal”.

At this point, I was convinced I was making this stuff up. I must have had some wellspring of creativity unleashed from some of the New Age books I read. I went back to the barn “grounded in reality” this time and entered Emilion’s stall to begin his light therapy session. He summarily head butted me until I was completely outside the stall when I heard:

“You bought into the illusion again; we need you”.

I left the barn with my tail between my legs, focusing on the rejection and missing the point. For a while, anyway. Then something told me- maybe Emilion- that I need to come to the barn. And get still. And listen. So back I went and parked myself on the grass outside, where Emilion hung his head out the back window of his stall. And I closed my eyes and that’s when I heard what I knew I was not creative enough to invent:

“I’m here to rescue you from humanhood….I’ve decided I like you and I’m taking you under my wing. I am impatient with the way things are and I know you are too…and I have faith that you will help change them…..

“When the barn closes every day, we no longer need to keep up the façade and we can be our true selves. We know the weather patterns for days – sometimes weeks in advance – because we feel it and the birds tell us. We hear the birds and the plants speak – everything speaks”.

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