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When The Student Is Ready

I wanted more. I needed to know if this was a fluke or if I could actually conduct an ongoing conversation with this horse Emilion, so I went back to the barn, plunked myself on a rock outside his stall, tried to meditate a bit and waited to see what would happen next. Well, that turned out to be a seemingly endless duet of yawning with Emilion: first him, then me, and so on, although my yawns were mixed in with a couple of burps. Good thing the other humans were occupied far off in the distance.

Then I heard the following:

“I am energetically clearing you now. I am helping you to release sadness - that is the yawning. When you burp, you release anger. It is important that you believe you can release all of it quickly”.

I was feeling pretty fine before I even got to the barn but now noticed this wave of relaxation washing over me, as if someone poured warm milk into my veins. Then I felt an odd buzzing sensation in my hands I never felt before – like electrified energy –and I heard:

“Yep...I just sent that to you; this is what we do: we heal with our bodies and talk with our minds”

So…a few considerations swirled around in my mind:

  1. I had read and seen enough to know that human energy healers can help us feel much better by releasing “stuck” emotional energy in the body without even touching us

  1. I knew that animals are unconditional in their love…that being with them is good for our health, reduces stress, can calm our heart rate and lower blood pressure…(but I had no idea exactly HOW they make such a difference).

So…was it possible that animals can send us energy that heals us… and here I was, receiving such a healing, delivered free of charge, from a horse?

“Horses send love to humans all the time- we are always multi-tasking”- he continued. I wondered how they could have so much energy to keep giving to us. Almost on cue, Emilion added:

“I energetically leave my body and connect with “All That Is” to raise my frequency, as it gets lower being in a body”. “Do all horses do this?” I asked him. “Pretty much…they find it harder to do when their human is going through a difficult time”.

Hmm, ok…so human struggle can negatively impact an animal’s energy (no shock there) and impede their ability to raise it. This “conversation” had me thinking: It used to be that when people talked about energy, they were either extremely interested in fuel alternatives or were certifiable science geeks, alternative health practitioners or spiritual questers. Now “energy talk” is almost commonplace. Of this writing, Google reflects sizeable levels of interest in the subject, tallying the following queries:

“Is everything made of energy” 202,000,000 times

“Do our thoughts affect matter” 323,000,000 times

“Do our thoughts affect energy” 269,000,000 times

So it’s safe to say that people are catching on to the connection between our thoughts, and our energy and how the state of our energy (aka frequency) affects our bodies and all living things around us - for good or for ill.

I was beginning to get a glimpse of the very significant role animals play in this entire picture. Simply acknowledging their patience and unconditional love was just not going to cut it for me anymore.

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