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Caspian: Proof Is A Many Splendored Thing

My friend loved her horse “Kaz” deeply, but she was nearing the end of her rope. A powerful German Oldenberg, he would not jump and spooked at the slightest provocation to the point where she was afraid to ride him out of the ring. The trainer and veterinarian could find no explanation and she went through all the standard avenues to get to the source of the problem, including having his feet and saddle fit evaluated. Nothing turned up. So, she blamed herself. When I scanned him, a lot of alarm points showed up on his head and he relaxed totally during his light therapy session, but nothing changed in his behavior.

A few days later, I heard an agitated voice in my head (when I was in my bathroom brushing my teeth):

“It’s all in my head and my eyes- I need glasses, I can’t see straight, everything is all “wavery”…and I have crushing headaches and I never know when they’re going to come”

My friend immediately brought in an equine ophthalmologist who assured her that Caspian’s eyes were fine. I begged her to bring in someone who could adjust his head and sure enough, a severe case of TMJ dysfunction turned up: his jaw did not occlude properly, which can cause terrible head pain and throw off balance and equilibrium. As his adjustment concluded he let out a big sigh, and the next day, he put his head on his human mom's chest for the first time - and just held it there.

He has been blissfully sailing over jumps and into all of our hearts ever since....and horse and rider are now a formidable team, growing together every day.

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