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Ask And You Shall Receive

I believe it was Mahatma Ghandi who said something like “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”. So at the request of several friends, I decided to start asking the horses pointed questions that might aid the human-horse relationship overall. So…I started with:

“How Can Human Guardians Connect Better With Their Horse?"

Here are my first few answers, all highlighting how unique each horse’s personality and perspective truly are:


“We love to work on projects such as a task or goal that we can tackle with you. We ask that you talk about these things with us; share your hopes and dreams. I don’t mind the talking; it is important to strive for a balance. Speak your truth to us. Show us with your mind what you want and also spend all-important down-time in silence with us. The combination bonds us together with you in a powerful way.

We don’t expect you to understand the full breadth of what we’re capable of right away. But the more you look across at us and pay attention to the finer details, the more you will come to know what my barn-mate Albert has spoken of: our true sense of humor, flexibility, ability to solve problems, creativity and wisdom.

We are here to love you with all of our being…that love goes a long, long way….”


“Share what you love with us! If it’s a beer or a story, an apple or a flower..anything you like or anything beautiful. We love these things too and we appreciate your remembering us. Read us stories you love if the mood suits you…sing a gentle song..

Take us on a trail you love, share a new exploration with us. Treat us as your friend and partner. Introduce us to people you love: when your hearts are happy, it makes ours sing."

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