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Fun and Secrets...What Horses Can Teach Us

The horses have shared their perspectives on many topics, from love to health, crossing name it. When I asked Sweet Lou what she wanted to talk about, she immediately chimed back:

"Fun and Secrets. We horses know how to have fun AND keep secrets. I think people need to get better at both of these things. Fun means not thinking, for a change: not striving to perfect something, make an impression, learn something, clean up after yourself or fix something that’s broken.

FUN JUST IS…it’s breathing in beautiful scents in the air. It’s being able to run, taste lovely things and be with someone you care about, even just doing nothing!

I’m not sure, but I think people expect fun to knock their socks off. NO!! Fun is simple things that are magical, but humans don’t take the time to see it. Fun doesn’t have to shock your adrenaline into overdrive. The definition of fun, I think, is the gratefulness for being able to stop doing your ‘to do’ list.

Secrets are BIG and Important pieces of information that you have been entrusted with. They must NEVER be announced to others- it’s like breaking a cardinal rule in our world. Secrets contain a lot of energy from the person who shared them with you. You actually hurt their energy when you don’t protect their secrets. Humans turn secrets into gossip and don’t realize how much damage they are doing. They must learn that keeping secrets safe is an important way to take care of each other.”

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