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A Horse Tells Us: How You Move Affects How You Feel

One night, a beautiful black horse who called himself Carbon appeared to share his words of wisdom:

“I walk smoothly and with grace. Conscious of every step, I feel earth’s energy move through me. I am here to tell you that how you move affects how you feel. Rushing erodes the energy of your nervous system - it even blocks wisdom from emerging from within you. Some people- sensitive ones- feel the damaging effects of this more than others. They especially must work to slow down or they will remain living in their external skin - as opposed to resonating from the soul within.

When you slow down, your heart rate slows, your mind clears and your energy field- that others feel- becomes clear as a pool. Your voice becomes more soothing and people gravitate to you and want to listen to what you have to say.

Please also remember: every action you take has a ripple effect…nothing is unimportant. You, every one of you, matter so very much to the outcome of us all. How different each of you would feel if you remembered this”.

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