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Self Love - According To The Animals- Part 1 of 3

We have all heard the expression that "you can't truly love anyone else until you love yourself." As we discover that we are all connected - and that our thoughts and emotions affect everyone and everything around us, the importance of Self-Love becomes so very obvious. Humans, however, are not typically taught Self Love and we have no guide book on the subject, so the animals have stepped forward to share their insights on the topic. Here is Part 1 of 3:

WILLIAM- Kangaroo:

“Few understand what self-love really means or how far it extends. It means not believing the wobbly feeling in your gut when someone criticizes you. When someone points out kindly what you might consider doing better, self-love means taking time to digest what they’re saying and asking if it is really true or not. Don’t forget their agendas, broken parts and egos talk too.

Self-love also means noticing where your own mind goes because it can tell you lies about who you are – lies that cripple you with pain. This may be the root of all suffering – the hardest lesson to learn of all. Self-love means knowing your essential worth without any proof – based on no result at all. It means loving yourself beyond the noise in your mind that labels you and pigeon-holes you.

People that heal from things and rise beyond their own expectations and circumstances have learned that loving themselves above all is the key: the more you love yourself, the more you heal physically and emotionally as a result."

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