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Self love according to the animals - Part 2


“All love is self-love because you are part of everything so by loving anything, you love you, too. Animals don’t see any distinction here while humans feel separate from the whole. The picture looks so different through our eyes. It’s like we speak this language from birth and humans have to learn it and translate it in a 2-step process. Nonetheless, it can be accomplished.

For humans, taking time to sit with something is key - and then to be honest with themselves about the answer that comes up. Maybe they know a partner isn’t good for them but they won’t admit it because they think being alone is worse. But, years go by and then they have to admit the truth – except it is much harder to leave now: the threads have been sewn tighter and tighter between the two people.

So, self-love is self-honesty, self-care and self-preservation all rolled into one. Self-love is sometimes breaking your own rules because they no longer serve you and you created them when you knew less about yourself and life.

And, yes - it’s important to remember that by being part of everything, you cannot truly be loving yourself when you are being cruel and hurting another living being: you are both getting hurt. It is inescapable, this truth.”

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