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Self Love Part 3 -What A Sheep Can Teach Us


“Self-love is much more than not putting others’ wishes/desires before your own (and this is a big lesson on its own). Self-love- or the lack of it – is an indicator of how you handle anything and everything. If you love yourself, you get the vote of confidence that you can succeed in the face of any challenge, and you don’t fall into self-doubt. It is knowing that being true to yourself is the priority and that you won’t sell out for any amount, any lifestyle, anything or anyone.

Self-love means not only being patient with yourself but with the Universe and its timeframe for delivering the best scenarios for your growth and happiness. It is remembering that you are worth the wait!

Self-love is knowing that if you were supposed to be an angel, you would be – and that if you showed up in the world as the person you are, it is for a reason. Hopefully this will give you some degree of comfort: nothing is an accident, least of all you.”


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