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Wonder If You Really Matter? The Animals Send A Wake Up Call

Do you think you need to volunteer or find a cure for cancer to really matter? The animals have made it clear that one benefit they enjoy from birth - that we don’t - is the knowledge of their intrinsic importance to the whole of Life. Here is the beginning of a series of action reminders they shared with me, starting with insights from some very wise horses:

“Know that every thought matters because it affects matter…Take time before making major decisions and ask ‘will this serve the evolution of my soul and the good of all?’.” - Honey Bee

“We have all chosen to be here in this time of change. How lucky we are! You must feel the warmth within and radiate it out to others. They will feel it even if they don’t know it. Everyone’s intention is critical now: every thought can make the pond shimmer or become a maelstrom, a vortex moving backward.” – Jono

“All this hatred in the news…the dark ones will fall away if the voice of love is loud enough to be heard. Share peace with others; let it wash over you and set the tone for your interactions with others. Joy and laughter are critical too because their resonance and attraction factor are high. Keep love in your heart every day: put your hand on your heart before you leave the house. Vibrationally, you will shift into the good.” - Hugo

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