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Can Animals Influence Our Thinking?

Is it possible that animals influence our thinking intentionally? If so, how do they do it? Horses have told me they "put ideas" in their human's head (always for the good) so I wanted to know if other animals did the same and, if so, how? Not surprisingly, the animals closest to us- specifically a dog and a very wise blind cat, clarified how they work behind the scenes to motivate humans to create positive change:

Leah (blind cat): "I chose my human mom as much as she chose me: I put the idea in her head- it was for the highest good of all. This is the way we influence humans: we connect to your higher Self that knows the best course of action and we activate it - make the sound loud enough so you can hear it as a thought in your head."

Woofson (sheep dog): " “Human moms have no idea what role we dogs play tending to children. Especially with the infants and toddlers up to age 3 as they understand and communicate with us. My job is to keep the kids in line gently and to convince them to go to sleep when they’re told. I can get through to them when parents can’t but the parents don’t know I’m doing it! I put beautiful pictures in the children’s heads so they want to close their eyes and see the ‘magic places’ I create for them: lands made of candy, talking animals and toys, purple seas and pink skies and rainbows everywhere, even on the flowers. I must admit I’m pretty good at it. The children are too young to put this into words; we communicate in pictures and images. I want to shed light on the inner life of dogs; we’re not just sitting there looking furry and cute: we do this and so many other things willingly and humans are unaware of it all. When the human adult is an opening - a flexible thinker open to new ways of being - we can plant ideas in their heads too. These ideas are always positive, healthy things they never considered. Our goal is to help whenever we can.

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