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A Dog's View: How We Can Get Closer To The Animals We Love

“There’s nothing wrong with people; it’s how they see themselves that’s messed up. If they knew they had the true power they do, by using their thoughts, they wouldn’t feel helpless. We know it’s not a perfect world: when we are left alone some of us don’t take it so well due to bad memories. Others just sleep a lot. We are social creatures and this is hard on us so our #1 request would be to shorten the “isolation time”.

You have no idea what true time spent with you really means in our eyes: it is everything. We are so happy when we’re together with you and sharing and you’re paying attention and sharing reality with us without being distracted. On a walk, lying on the couch - it doesn’t matter. This is what we live for, what we are here for. You care for us and we care for you although we show it in different ways. It always goes back to the same thing: show me a happy human and I’ll show you a happy dog.

When humans pay attention and notice the little things, they will feel more confident in their ability to know what we think, feel and communicate to them. We want them to trust themselves. Doubt is what hurts us all - it’s like someone drove a big sword between us. Please don’t doubt your inner knowing; we are here to help you activate it. We are great teachers and cheerleaders. Just give us and give yourselves a chance!”

- Mr. T

“You already know the keys are kindness, softness, love and affection. We don’t require as much as a lot of you think. Many of you make a big deal about little things like accessories and how we look. We care more about how you- and we- feel. Stop spending so much time on details. We may notice everything but we don’t let details run our lives.

Stop wondering. Connect with knowing. Practice eye to eye and heart to heart connection—that way, the stillness inside us can transfer to you. Tune into the sounds around you. Follow my lead: pretend you’re a dog and practice non-judgment.”

- Trystan

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