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The Animal Kingdom's Message To Spiritual Awakeners

"All of us are here because these are universal messages. Time is speeding up- we animals all feel it. It's like being on a carnival ride moving faster and faster and you must hold on tighter. Physical bodies are changing as a result. This is why you may be feeling such odd pains. Grounding mechanisms are being challenged so you must make more effort to stabilize yourselves. Now more than ever, tell people to go outside into Nature.

A new relationship with your bodies is being forged. Listen - do not force. Forget identification with form. We know this is a challenge but your bodies are being energetically altered so you can withstand and sail through upcoming and ongoing changes: you are becoming vessels of Light.

Let go of what you think you know to be true about the body and its treatment other than Clean and Whole. Forget labels: they are all lies. We know this is not an easy transition but you can do it. Go slowly. Rest a lot.

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