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Llama Guidance for Honoring Your Soul

The animals have much to say to help us evolve into more happiness, self empowerment and understanding of what Life is really about. Here is some llama wisdom about how we spend our time:

“You humans could stand to learn a valuable lesson: Some activities simply don’t serve your soul, your happiness or your attempt to grow in self-awareness and joy. You won’t know, however, unless you try them.

One by one, whether it’s watching TV or looking in the mirror critically, worrying, regretting, etc., you evolve each time you make a choice to step away from what doesn’t serve your vision. This takes tremendous discipline, as there are so many activities that lure humans into lowering their vibration.

Be patient with yourself. If you find yourself feeling confused, anxious or overwhelmed, you must look at the activity you’re engaged in and consider the person you’re with. You must understand that your first priority is to choose what fuels the evolution of your soul.”

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