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Why The Animals Haven't Given Up on Us

Do all the animals know about the thoughts and efforts of those of us who care? You bet they do. The animals have made it very clear that all life forms – except humans – can see the energetic grid that connects everything; this web is also where all information goes, for all to tap into. In addition, the birds carry information far and wide (there’s no such thing as a bad reception zone!). In short, the animal world is breathtakingly well-connected, without the need for a single electronic device.

Here are just a few insights to demonstrate that whatever good we do is known by all, and not wasted:

“We have seen the efforts of those who have applied love and care to us, who untangle us, fight for our survival when our signals become jammed and we end up on land, and who bravely document our stories. That’s why we try to show them our gratitude.

– Blue Whale

“It is happening in tiny pockets: on the beaches where humans take the time to wonder about us and create protected areas where we lay our eggs. They look to us to reaffirm the miracle of life and to exemplify determination against all odds. The rescue centers and sanctuaries are also examples of how humankind is trying to make up for the damage it causes by polluting our waters with plastic, chemicals and machines that injure and kill us.”

– Turtle

“The word is out in the jungle about the rapid rise of humanity’s awareness. We’ve waited a long time. Just about gave up on you humans. But in the past few months alone, the changes for the better have been miraculous. It gives us hope that you can stop the slide into destruction and reverse it. This we say because we hear there is much more going on than what we see in the jungle.” – Chimpanzee

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