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Do All Animals Dream?

The animals have made it clear that they experience the Oneness of all life forms, interconnected by a web (aka energetic grid) that only humans cannot see. They also embrace the unique characteristics of each and every species. When I asked the animals if they dream, the uniqueness principle took front and center. Here are just a couple of answers I received on the subject:

“I dreamed of being free and I became a butterfly. We envision, we manifest reality. Is there a dream state different from what you call “real life”? We rest to regenerate and restore energy but don’t experience dreams as you know them. Our minds rest when our bodies do. Perhaps it’s because we don’t lie down with worries and make them our bedfellows.” - Butterfly

“You are having trouble with this question because this topic is the cause of much debate in the animal kingdom. You will get different answers from different species. Cats, dogs…those close to humans dream. Lions and grounded animals dream. Butterflies and birds do not. Nor do insects. Dolphins and whales do. Fish do not. Rodents do, chickens don’t but ducks and geese do. Horses dream and also travel at night.” - Rhino

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