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Handle Adversity Like an Animal - part 1

The animals have shared some beautiful insights into how they handle the challenges life brings. Here is the beginning of a series to, perhaps, help us see our situations in a new light.


“We see it all the time: humans succumbing to illness. They have been instilled with fear and hopelessness from the first symptoms. Instead of seeing illness as a rite of passage, a means to cross a river, they see it as crossing the River Styx, a death sentence.

“No one likes pain or discomfort. We just spend zero time fighting it. Instead, we focus on letting it pass through us. We also talk to our illness. Make it an enemy and it will try to vanquish you. Be a victim and it will be the conqueror. Instead, say, “look, we’re in this together. Why don’t we each quietly stay in our sides of this house I call my body: you can stay down in the basement, which is fully furnished, so I can go about my business.” - Cat


“Burdens are in the mind only. Something to accomplish? Well, that’s your road to satisfaction when you complete it. Things you have to do bring you the opportunity for growth, create an exchange of information, empower another person, allow you to experience self-care and more. You see, it’s all how you spin it and what side of the image you focus on. Focus on a burden and you will tire. Focus on a possibility for self or others and you will be energized.” - Camel

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