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What Bees Want Us To Know

Neonicotinoid pesticides are slowly killing bees all over the world. If our bees die off, so will 30%-40% of our major food crops.

The bees shared their perspective on the matter:

Bee: I would like to speak. All of us would.

Me: Are you one or many?

Bee: I am one and many. You know we are dying—dying to wake people up to the true condition of the world they have created. Harm is the result of profit without consideration. We hope you will not wait until it is too late.

“We also represent loyalty and demonstrate that towards our Queen Bee. Loyalty is now becoming an ancient way. It used to be a virtue in all situations. Now it is evaporating like we are. We will leave this plane if there is no reciprocity. If humans cannot find a way to return our loyalty, we will go to another dimension.

“Those of you who still value and honor us must connect with each other to make your voices heard above the current. We actually love to serve humans. We wish you loved us back enough.

Me: Is there anything else I can say to others?

Bee: It is simple. BEE kind to all and every thing. There is so much to live for. We would like to do it with you.”

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