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The Intention Behind Animal Action

Do you wonder if animal behavior is just instinct? Think again! Here are just two of many examples of how they choose the behaviors we see:

“Everything we do is with intention and forethought. We bring forth what we need—that’s why we don’t lack or have a fear of it. You have been wondering about creating with your minds? Did you know animals do it all the time? That’s how we find food: we manifest it! Water? Same! Forests and friends and quiet places? Yes, we manifest it all."

DJ is a relative "newbie" to a barn full of very wise horses who have come through with rather mind blowing messages. I thought it was wonderful that he stepped forward to share how he views his situation:

"My vibration is not as strong as Stormy and Honey Bee but I am on a growth path, like the humans who are waking up.

I wanted to come to this barn to further my growth because the intention for this to be a healing place was set. I put the idea in my mom's head to bring me here because I knew I would learn and grow and release the ties that bind and prevent me from soaring."

According to my friend Penny, the barn manager, DJ has, indeed, been making great strides in overcoming fears and not get spooked by things.


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