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The Hippo Makes A Better Pie Chart

Striving for balance is exhausting...and a contradiction in terms.

When I was coaching, I used to hand people a pie chart for a balanced life. There were pie slices for relationships, self care, education, career, money, spirituality, community, creativity, cooking, etc. and my chart was no more balanced than my clients'. Attempting to build up the less developed areas of my life only resulted in more human "doing" and greater stress.

When a hippo came through and shared his life approach, I tossed my pie chart in favor of his:

"You have to plan your time better:

Time in stillness.

Time in play.

Time in work and 'to-do’s'.

You humans are so lopsided in how you portion off your time and energy."

My "play" slice still leaves much to be desired, but I'm working on it.

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