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The Animals' Message About Current Natural Disasters

A friend of mine asked me what the animals have to say about the earthquakes, hurricanes, fires and countless natural disasters that are plaguing us. The following may not surprise you. It is our choice to remain voiceless or to stand up for the only earth we have.

"We have been awaiting these earth changes. There will be many more. Humanity must be sufficiently shaken on a global basis for change to occur. The earth goes into upheaval when balance has been thrown off. Large animals eg: whales, elephants, horses, water buffalo normally keep the balance in check energetically. But the devastation is now too widespread. There will be drought to burn away toxins including toxic emotion. Environmental destruction cannot continue at this pace; Mother Earth as been too vastly violated.

You go about your lives but we grieve all the time. There are now mutations across several species occurring as a result of pollution: missing limbs, deformities...what you call birth defects. You do not sense what we live through: the changes in the air, the water, the jungles. We are forever on the run seeking safety and healthier places."

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