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Love, Baby...The Animals Have a Lot to Say About It

What a hot topic! From horses to a gorilla, camel, jaguar, penguin, alligator and python, the animal kingdom sheds so much light on how we humans approach and experience love, especially romantic love. Here is part 1 of several! :

“I’m a fan of it – romantic love, that is: when people are in love they taste better. Heck, I’m just kidding! Seriously, their energy is never better than when they’re all googly-eyed at each other, and that makes it easier on the rest of us. As a group, though, humans have to work on longevity and consistency in love.” - Alligator

Honestly, I was hoping for more. Almost instantly, a gorilla stepped forward. But no sooner did he begin talking than he was interrupted by a camel.

“I have carried many honeymooners, and the problem is evident even at the beginning of their life together. I hear their thoughts as they smile for pictures on my back, but inside they are full of worry: ‘Am I enough? Is she/he enough? Will I get enough attention? Will I have enough freedom and privacy?’ Will there be enough money?’

“They are thinking about themselves and their needs, not their partner. It gives me a stomachache. It’s not really real, not really love at all. It’s attraction and desire and sex and power and curiosity and loneliness and movies in their heads. But love? They think this is love? Sometimes they are recognizing each other from another time, and it is familiarity, but they are trying to play the same movie again and that never works. The lessons are supposed to be different.” - Camel

Excerpts from We Walk Beside You. You can preview the book here:

P.S- Dear Canadians: Amazon is not making the book available

in Canada until Oct 25. Please

accept my apologies...

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