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A Gorilla's View on Romantic Love

The following channeling truly blew me away. When I asked the animals what they thought about human romantic love, a gorilla shared what I could never have expected:

"Ah yes, love. Humans do some stupid things in the name of romantic love. Most of them walk around with a sense of lack— like a vessel to be filled by another person, instead of a vessel full, ready to share its contents with another. Oh, what a mess this creates.

“Love is values and choices put into action, choosing the high road for the best of everyone, to the best of your ability. The ‘romantic’ thing is unique to humans; it causes extremes of pleasure and pain and has addictive qualities to it. In the animal world, love is a steady fire, warm, soft, kind, understanding, patient and free of judgment and comparison.

“We allow for base instincts to take over to procreate and enable the continuation of life, but that is short-lived and purposeful. I know that for humans, the sharing of bodies also causes much pleasure and pain:

- it isn’t singular in purpose

- its boundaries are less defined

- the act is emotionalized and

- it is assigned a significance that involves a person’s entire definition of self.

How did that happen? I am so sorry for humans, as you suffer greatly in this regard. It is much easier, clearer and simpler for us.

“The energy exchange between human bodies is also tied in with the expectation of ‘what will you be or do for me?’ This is where humans diverged from the laws of nature and caused themselves so much trouble.

We don’t identify with our bodies emotionally; they are merely a shell, a suit. Yes, you must care for them and love them, but not identify with them, for when they are injured, scarred or weathered with age, your internal light is not.”

Excerpts from We Walk Beside You. You can preview the book here:

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