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Why Is The Animal Perspective So Helpful To Humans?

The reason animal insights are so powerful for us lies in the difference between what animals know and perceive and what we "know" and believe.

Animals have a different experience of Life than we do. Many species, from horses to crows, squirrels to blue whales, have shared the details of what they know and experience that we don't. The following are just a FEW of the understandings they've shared that may explain why they can offer us insights that humans can't.

The animals:

1. See and feel the interconnectedness, (aka "web" or

"grid") between all living things; they know they are never cut

off from all Life

2. Communicate with each other through "a stream of thought

and energy" so even when physically separated, they stay

connected with each other.

3. Learn self love from birth- and see no difference between love

of self and a love for anything or anyone else.

4. Experience love without judgment or comparison; they also

don't experience romantic love or the pitfalls and expectations

that we encounter when "sharing our bodies."

5. Don't identify with their bodies, they care for them and see

them as a suit covering their "internal light" within.

6. Accept the purpose and rhythm of life instead of trying to

control it.

7. Know their individual importance to the whole and that there is

a “bigger purpose” to their existence

8. Have the certainty of knowing– not believing– the existence

and importance of Spirit /The All /All That Is / God...and that

death is an illusion and they will come back

9. Fully grasp that an individual life is configured to deliver the

lessons its soul requires for its own growth.

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