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Horses: On Kids- Part 1

I started asking the horses what they feel about kids and what they want to share with them or about them. Here is Albert's perspective on teens in particular:

"I'm good at this one! We don't want them to turn into their parents. Remind them we hear better than they do...and that they are the lucky few that call us "their own." PRIVILEGE: they must come to understand this word and not take us for granted. Tell them we hear their thoughts loud and clear so we know who they really are more than humans ever will. But...we also know they can be soft and sweet and that makes us all gushy inside.

They can learn more about themselves through us than they know - and we can show them peace amidst the chaos of being a teenager. We are here to help form them and help them flourish. It is also important that they understand what real love is at an early age and they can see and feel it in our eyes, they have only to look.

Finally- tell them that when they betray us - tossing us aside like an old saddle, they wound us forever. They must know there are consequences to their actions even if they're not readily shown on our faces."

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