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Guidelines For The New Business...From A Sacred Cow

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

“All life is sacred, not just ours. Humans need to put their efforts into healing, preserving and caring for all life. They must find ways to create what they need that are the least painful and disruptive to Earth and the life upon it, including human life.

“It requires deep thinking and caring to change the focus to how money, which is energy, can be created without harm. The leaders of the ‘New Earth’ are focusing on this now; they are popping up across many industries and in many countries.

“Use what you can and always regenerate. Loving intention needs to enter corporate thinking. The people that drive these companies will feel better, will thrive and actually be more successful because others—collaborators and clients—will step up to meet them and join them in ventures that are both profitable and good for all.

“Honesty and integrity are the key drivers of the New Business. When people interview for jobs, they need to look for this. I know they are all fearful and driven by the need for survival, but they must also check in with themselves and see if the situation is good for them and if it feels good to be there. They must seek out the light in the other’s eyes, then they will find the right place for themselves and be able to do the most good for all.”

image: Pramod Tiwari of Pexels

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