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How Do Chickens Get Through Life?

Admit it: if you could choose to be any animal, you wouldn't want to be a chicken. Chicken life is, well, pretty crummy, to put it nicely. (I will not go into details, fear not). The few of us that have them as pets have discovered their intelligence, affection, problem solving skills and more. But the majority of humans - at least in the Western world - still don't give much thought to the beings that supply them with bone broth, omelets, McNuggets and chicken parm.

Interestingly, when I asked the animals how they experienced Spirit, chickens spoke up and shared the following, shedding a breathtaking light on their inner world:

"We couldn't reach acceptance of our circumstances without the constant presence of Spirit in our lives. We must step out of the realm of personality and Ego and focus on the entire path - and that this lifetime is just a step in the evolution of our souls. Spirit brings meaning where there appears to be none - and to what we cannot change or explain. In this incarnation we must focus on totality and the knowledge that our every breath serves a higher purpose than the visible details our lives indicate.

WE LET GO. That's why you rarely see us run away from our inevitability. We as a species wait for the world to evolve to a place of embracing our consciousness and gifts."


Discover more of the inner lives and voices of the animal kingdom and the insights they share to help humans be happier:

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