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A Chill Pill for Humans

Yes, yes, yes...we are working on achieving balance, less stress, more peace. However, with all the changes taking place right now - both seen and unseen - we are having days that can be just inexplicably rough. When I asked the animals how they handle challenging days, they had plenty to say as a group and individually, that just might help us two-leggers:


"We don't have the expectations of ourselves that you humans do. ENERGY is our first priority, not accomplishments. The quality of the energy determines the quality of the project outcome. So, working with compromised energy sets up problems for your result. Not everyone can feel when the energy is off but for the more sensitive ones who do, they must dial back their activities - even switch them to another day - when the energy is better."

“Ebbs and flows: this is something humans do not understand. They expect themselves to be the same every day, like machines with circuits, dials and a fail-safe, industrially made engine that comes with a warranty.

“The human body is a machine, but it’s an energetic one and is subject to the energetic forces of so many changing variables around it: planetary movement, weather patterns, the body’s own biorhythms, the prevailing mood affected by local and world events and disseminated by the news—to say nothing of the occurrences in an individual’s relationships and other personal stressors like sleep.

“Even if an individual is in a work situation with high expectations, they can honor their ebbs and flows: they can reduce the internal pressure on ebb days when energy is low and they don’t feel all their switches are in the ‘on’ position. If your work position is quite visible, as with entertainers or performers, it means more sleep and self-care before and after a show or presentation.

“Allow for the energy ebbs, as they always prepare you for when it’s time to flow, with fresh eyes and perspectives. There are perhaps even more lessons in the ebb times. At these moments, sit down, reflect and stop fighting. Give into the needs of the body and its healing patterns.” - Giraffe

“I can speak to you of solitude and the important role it plays in the healing and regeneration of body and soul. Animals innately know to stop, walk slowly and contemplate. We do it all the time—just watch us. Why don’t you humans get with the program? Yes, you are guilty of ‘do-ism.’ Your cells cannot regenerate if your switch is always on. “You absolutely must take the time to reflect. You humans: you never know how to rest and wonder why you burn out.

“Why do so many humans find silence so terrifying? It is where your answers lie, where peace and safety dwell. It is where you are not judged, so why judge yourself when you are in silence? You can stop performing like a circus toy; you can find your own heartbeat and cherish it. Solitude is your savior.” - Bear


Discover more of the inner lives and voices of the animal kingdom and the insights they share to help humans be happier:

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