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A Blue Whale Speaks on Oneness

When a Blue Whale came through with a message for us humans, I had no idea what to expect.

Here is an excerpt of what he wanted us to know:

“Size has nothing to do with power. Humans see only the outside, and assign so much meaning and significance to a shell. Our beauty and strength are found in how we care for each other, and that includes the oceans we call home. We see them as an extension of us, treat them with love and respect their needs and boundaries. We grieve when they are violated and poisoned; as they suffer, so does every creature that swims, breathes, loves and tries to raise a family in their ocean home. And yes, we cry. Our hearts break. Our babies die.

“We do the best we can, but we are so outnumbered by humans. We wish you could feel how it is to move through something and know you are one with it. Hurting it would be like wounding yourself. If we had one message, it would be to tell humans to please be kinder to themselves; all healing stems from this. Respect starts here. Even joy starts here. Self-care is not a chore. Think of how good you feel when you treat your body with love.

“We have seen the efforts of those who have applied love and care to us, who untangle us, fight for our survival when our signals become jammed and we end up on land, and who bravely document our stories. That’s why we try to show them our gratitude.

“When animals are removed from their natural habitat they become mentally damaged: Their brains no longer work properly because signals cannot flow and interact with their environment. Movement and oneness with the ocean have been removed, and, to us, it is like losing body parts: we become crippled and mentally traumatized like soldiers with PTSD and amputations.

“Our hope is that these words are carried far—that some understanding and light is ignited that engages the human heart. We know the concept of connection to environment is not something humans experience. You must try to know it with your brain without the engagement of your other senses. We are asking a lot. We are asking you to love and care for yourselves more and, by extension, it will be easier to do the same for your world.”


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