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Hot On The Pee Pee Trail

For Mr. T, nothing - and I mean NOTHING is as captivating as a good pee pee trail. OK, maybe a tortoise. But definitely not other dogs. Or cheese. Or- heaven forbid you insult him with a toy. He examines and tastes the seemingly invisible liquid deposits of neighboring dogs and wildlife with the fervor and focus of a wine connoisseur. If a human imitated his mouth movements during a "tasting", they'd be arrested.

So...I asked him to please share what's really going on in his relationship with all things liquid yellow and this is what he said:

"Sometimes you get a message, sometimes you leave one. Everyone makes a contribution, building and adding to the story so it gets passed along. We put in the places we've been, things we've learned - and our humans have learned - and so much more. Wild animals leave similar stories so we know about their lives, hardship, food, illness and more.

We read the energy in the pee."

My neighbor says the urine trail is social media for dogs. Kinda makes sense.


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