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Squirrels Don't Have Sunday Dinner With Mom

My neighborhood squirrels are a constant source of comic relief. Here is part of a chat I had with one that I thought you'd enjoy:

Me: (regarding the almonds I was feeding him): "They're Blue Diamond - they're fancy."

Squirrel: "I like fancy"

Me: "What would you like me to tell people?"

Squirrel: "People don't realize their #1 problem is not slowing down. If they did, they'd make better decisions, say nicer things they don't regret, get more answers to questions and problems...heck, it's like Numero Uno."

Me: "But you move fast"

Squirrel: "Yes but we don't get ourselves in as much trouble as you humans do."

Me: "Do you have a name?"

Squirrel: "Hamlet. Everyone knows Hamlet."

[note: later he told me that isn't really his name - that

he just made it up because he heard I like that sort of

thing. Woman placated by squirrel...yeesh.]

Me: "Do you have babies?"

Squirrel: "Nope. I'm still young. Six months old. We just know when it's time to start a family. Not my time yet."

Me: "What do you do in the meantime?"

Squirrel: "WHADDYOU DO? I don't see YOU with kids!"

Me: "Didn't happen for me."

Squirrel: "Tsk, tsk."

Me: "Are you happy?"

Squirrel: "Of course! Look at this - it's beautiful here and I'm eating fancy nuts!"

Me: "What would you say to scientists who study animal behavior?"

Squirrel: "From what I hear they've already dumbed us down so they do simple experiments as if that's all we're capable of."

Me: "What should I tell them?"

Squirrel: "Tell them we think like you do! Plus we have more ways of communicating and don't need machines to do it. We know everything that's going on without TV since we hear your thoughts."

Me: "Are your parents still alive?"

Squirrel: "One is, one isn't. Mom is still alive but we separate - we don't hang around her. After they have a family they stay with other squirrels who are at the same stage of life. They're never alone. We foster independence but no one's left out in the cold....."


HMMM....squirrels may have something there.


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