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Missing The Messages In Front of Us

Sometimes, your pet is showing you what you need to do for your own health and happiness and you're missing the message. Welcome to being human - no need to beat ourselves up here.

Even though I nicknamed Mr. T, "The Master of Mindfulness", I truly missed some of his messaging to me until this morning:

T sometimes just keeps stopping on our walks. He doesn't even sniff around, he just stops. At first I thought it was due to a health issue, imagine!

This morning I was feeling a tension-anxiety-yuckiness that I knew wasn't "mine" (Monday mornings when people go back to work, I usually feel the tension of others).

FINALLY... I paid attention to T's stops and he said "you need to ground." I got it...and stopped. And did a grounding exercise. And started yawning and yawning (this is releasing for those of you unfamiliar with it)...

And lo and behold, the yuck went away and this incredible calm came over me, especially in my heart.

Animal wisdom may be subtle...but oh what you'll see when you pay attention and look with your heart.... -_____________________________________________

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