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Patient Is An Understatement


Two years ago, while I was channeling We Walk Beside You, my dog Mr. T stressed the importance of helping young children develop their intuition and use their innate sixth sensory abilities to connect with animals:

“I would like to talk about children and teaching them to use their internal eyes and ears (their hearts and bellies) so they can hear us animals and know how powerful they are.

Children need to say or write down what they feel when they are with us, because they are still pure enough when they are 3 or 4 years old to bring through the truth of the messages we send them. They can show their parents what we share with them if they are encouraged to do so.

“This is not schoolbook learning; it is inner wisdom and must be cultivated from a young age. Having animal hour at school would be good: give all the kids a chance to say what they feel/hear/sense animals are trying to communicate and what we feel, then put it all down on paper. A teacher after school could do this, or maybe a kindergarten teacher, if allowed. If they are watered like a plant, even just a little bit, these innate abilities will no longer be buried and become inactive and forgotten.”

A year ago, Mr. T nudged me again: “When are you going to talk with children? Why don’t you create a presentation for kids and get out there with it? I could come too, if they let me. I would let them pet me and guess what I’m trying to say. I would say easy stuff like ‘My name is Mr. T’ and ‘I like you’ and ‘Please pet me.’ I think it would be very important and you should tell the other animals and have them contribute what they want to say to kids.”

Well, I have yet to get in front of children (any solid suggestions for how to do this in Palm Beach County are greatly appreciated), but I took his advice about other animals and WOW do they have a lot to share about "the wee folk." I have been gathering their input for a year and there is more to come. So much so, that I have to honor their wishes and change my plans for the next book.

So, We Walk Beside You: You Are All Children (working title) is under construction, with a special note of appreciation to my infinitely patient and forgiving Mr. T. Even when I'm not the best student, I learn from you every single day....

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For a deeper view of the inner lives of the animal kingdom: We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World. In paperback, Kindle and Animal Message Cards on Amazon.

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