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Multi-Sensory Perception: The Way of The Animal World

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

There is so much to be learned about the inner workings of animal existence! Here are just a couple of insights about how they gather so much more information than we ever imagined.

“Animal life has many components. Think of a house standing on many, many stilts to build a strong foundation. You have seen only a couple of the legs.

Start with perception. We use all our five senses at the same time as our sixth sense. You humans usually switch back and forth although some of you are integrating nicely now. It is easy for us to know how to respond because we perceive so much; we get so much more information than humans right from the outset. This is why humans try so hard to figure things out and don’t have the experience of instant knowing.

When you slow down you can integrate your senses better and let something register within you. For example: tone of voice, body movement, quality of energy field, facial movement and scent are clues in others that you are not processing from the start. These are critical. Your whole existence is based on the activity of your brain while you’re missing the clues right in front of you. Doubt and insecurity send you to your heads; you even look up as if into your brain when looking for answers. You’re looking in the wrong place.”

- Llama

In addition to being able to see the Web of Life – the Great Interconnection– we can see what is to come before it happens. Some of you are developing this foresight in the human world. We cannot always see the exact moment of our death but we get the premonition beforehand so it’s never a total shock.

Like your dog attunes to your energy field and knows you’ll be rounding the corner before you actually do, we use a combination of energy field reading and foresight to prepare for what is to come. This is another reason we don’t fear the future and we’re not caught completely off guard as humans can be. For us, there is really no unknown that can hurt us so we don’t fear it the way humans do.” - Snail


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