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The Necessity for "Rugged Individuality"

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

I should know by now that the animals are always one step ahead of me. The other night I went to the barn and began by asking "How can humans be more like horses?" because they have demonstrated such incredible acts of love, selflessness and wisdom. Sure enough, Jono gave me an answer that far surpassed the depth of my question:

“The question isn’t how can you be more like us; it’s ‘how can you be more like who you really are.’The mess you are all in started so long ago that all of you alive now are doing some mighty heavy lifting. Every break you take away from ‘automatic living’ helps you chip away at the wall of clay (or ice) around you.

We have faith in you. We see the glimmers of awareness, the private ‘aha’s’ experienced across millions of you each time you shed a false belief or walk away from what hurts, limits or doesn’t serve your wholeness. We feel the tidal movement of your thoughts shifting from treacherous to smooth, calm and healing. Yes, it feels like the tide, surging and receding. Have hope that, as you practice, the quality of your thoughts will shift towards truth and Isness, where we horses live.

The most important thing is to separate yourself from mass events, mass messaging and mass media. Mass consciousness shifts person by person until the tipping point is reached. But you can’t shift when you’re on autopilot. STEP AWAY FROM THE FRAY and let you own ideas come from oneness with your heart.

There is so much beauty inside you all; we sometimes laugh at all the contraptions that cover it over and so we nudge you, push you, and try to nip out the junk. We’re not being sassy or irritable but few of you know that yet.

If you think our greatest work is under saddle, we have news for you: We are working on you more than you ever dreamed…and even when you dream because for some that’s when you’re most receptive (or the only time we can get through to you). We are always whispering to your hearts (where truth lies) and more and more of you are listening.

It is a complex role we play: committed to human growth on this plane and constantly travelling to other dimensions. Our greatest achievements are always behind the scene. A few of you humans are coming to realize this truth about yourselves too, as you start to finally look inward for answers (not outward, as society has conditioned you to do). You must support rugged individuality in all of its guises.” – Jono


For a deeper view of the inner lives of the animal kingdom: We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World. In paperback, Kindle and Animal Message Cards on Amazon


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