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See Like The Animals Do, Through The Eyes of Love

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. Last night, the voice of the animals came through in unison with the following message to cast a new light on the meaning of this holiday and our understanding of love:

"On this day dedicated to love, we stand before you as a testament to the many who are growing into the realization of what they are capable of. As you tap into the expansiveness of your own hearts, you have begun to focus on love in all of its forms, moving away from the cartoon characterization of romantic love that humans have created.

You are embracing the true meaning of what we know as the living fabric between all things- that which holds the web threads and all living things together. So you see, you are already bound to one another by love even if you don't know it.

To experience and expand this love, practice flipping the switch behind your eyes as you go about your daily life. Imagine you are turning on a pink light bulb that allows you to look softly upon what you see and notice what is beautiful about it. You will notice a calming effect comes over you and you may find your mouth upturned in a quiet smile. This is because you have raised your vibration, seeing through the eyes of love as we do."

Discover more of the inner lives and voices of the animal kingdom and the insights they share to help humans be happier:

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