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How Animals Experience Spirit

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

"God" "The All" "All That Is" "Spirit" "The Greater"....

these are just a few of the terms that animals have used to refer to "that which is bigger than the self and ultimately unknowable." Many different species from horses to gorillas, hares to chickens, have told me they partner with Spirit in all things.

As a horse named Hugo said: "Trying to go it alone is a major and massive human mistake. People have to remember to ask for help. Partnership with Spirit means you never have to worry about asking for too much help as the supply of love and energy is limitless."

Here is what a seal shared with me when I asked: "How do you connect with Spirit and what does it feel like?":

"It is perhaps easier for us than for humans as our heads don't block us from experiencing Spirit in any moment. For us, the rush we feel when we dive into the stillness of water is pure spirit: we are One in total freedom and clarity.

You must know in your brains that Spirit is everywhere - and it is you as well - but you can only experience it by escaping the confines of your minds. You can each feel it in your own individual ways, for example, when you tap into your individual psychic gifts. Some will feel it in the body; others see images.

For us, it is the total doubtless knowingness that The Greater is always with us, guiding what is to be. It is so comforting. We know you humans struggle with this and doubt so very much. Practice by beginning with the knowing that your Greater is always there. Talk to it. Practice your experience of communion with it. For the more comfortable you get with this knowing, the more you speak it to yourself, the more you will realize it." - Seal

For a deeper view of the inner lives of the animal kingdom: We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World. In paperback, Kindle and Animal Message Cards:


More channelings at the blog:

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