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In Our Presence, Awareness Blooms

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Perhaps this contribution from a horse named Woodrow will give us yet another perspective on what is so extraordinary about horses, and why they impact us so deeply:

"We horses are all here to help those who are trying to move humans and the planet forward. You see, you need energetic knives to cut through the illusion of the human world around you. We horses are sensitive enough to see what's going on for humans, and compassionate enough to try to help. Not all species are the same- you learn different things from each.

Tell people to do what you do - more and more people need to share the power of meditating with horses! If they separate themselves from daily life and come to be near us they will experience what happens: in our presence, awareness blooms, and they will start to hear, see, feel or know the truth that lies beyond the prison of the mind."

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