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Rhino/Hippo Wisdom on "Aging"

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

When I asked the animals to share their wisdom on growing older, 17 species shared their beautiful perspectives. Here are two of them:

"Growing older is like a dance. You have to learn different steps than the ones you've always known, to different music than what you're used to hearing.

When you're young you stomp - making your mark on the world- trying to discover your own strength and kick up a lot of dust. Through time, you come to glide.

Spend less energy trying to make a statement and hear more of the Universe's melody as opposed to trying to make your own. If you allow yourselves to grow in awareness, you sway to the rhythm of The All.

It doesn't mean you allow your thinking to grow rigid because then your body will harden like glue. Now, use your mind to loosen your grip on the reigns; allow the carriage to take you where you need to be." - Rhino

"Once you ask for me I know you're onto the secret of how to get to your latter years. It's all about he vibes and I know more and more of you are catching onto this.

The successful ones get younger, returning to what they knew as children. The strive and drive is over; it's time to focus again on the sweetness of giving and receiving. The grandmas and grandpas who are the most fun have slowed down their aging!

Start dancing - even if you never have...even if you think you have two left feet. Even if it's just in your house. Lighten up and your soul will be glad. I've told you the missing piece is's also your ticket to Healthy! You really must stop the addiction to being serious.

Even in your good works to make the world a better place, if you never laugh, if you're not really enjoying it, switch to something else. Otherwise, you are still lowering vibration (yours and the planet's) and stressing your health.

Little ones and non-human folks have very strong light within them. Be the moth and gravitate to them. Let your vibe match theirs and you'll light up your whole being by helping, working and being with them. Laughter and love will carry you through the years lightly." - Hippo

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