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Close Your Eyes

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Sometimes the animal kingdom speaks as one - as the "Voice of All Life - Consciousness Itself". At these times they deliver messages that apply to all of them and all of us. Here is the latest:


We do not believe what we see. You humans do.

If we did, we would give up.

Close your eyes.

Forget what you see and hear.

What your eyes and ears tell you is already shaped by your beliefs and those of society.

These beliefs are programmed into you.

These beliefs tell you lies about yourselves and about us.

These beliefs create boundaries between us.

Close your eyes.

Feel the One Heart: Yours, Ours.

The heart is the space of the One Truth: where we are all equal and without limits.

Each of you has the power to feel us when you receive with your heart

And it is only there that you will recognize the many things that we have been trying to show humans throughout history."

For a deeper view of the inner lives of the animal kingdom: We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World. In paperback, Kindle and Animal Message Cards


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