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We Got This "Aging" Thing All Wrong

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Last year I posted different channelings from an antelope, rhino, hippo, zebra and gorilla sharing their incredible perspectives on aging. Here are two more animal views - with more ahead as 17 species thought this important enough to share!


You wouldn’t think I’d have a contribution to make here but, indeed I do!

When you are in your latter years – like the second half of your life- flip the proportion: spend less time slogging through mud, including emotional mud, and more time basking in the glow of ‘Isness’. Yes, all animals know what that is and you should too.

If you’ve spend 40-50 years striving, now is the time to allow yourself to just BE. Nature intended for it to be this way.

Catch yourselves when you are driving too fast, giving in to the habit of rushing. Do you see me do that? Heck no – unless there’s a tasty dinner morsel awaiting me. I waddle with a purpose. Take some notes and try it too.”


“Aging you say? If you have learned anything, you have learned to speak the truth – most importantly your own. Too much hiding behind veils for approval or to hide shame colors the decades of your youth.

Taste the freedom of your own authenticity. Lay bare your face, your vulnerability, your needs: Yes, you all have them so stop the pretense that you’ve moved beyond them or let them go. Own them. Own all of your multi-colored self.”


Gain access to the inner lives of the animal kingdom - and what animals want us to finally know in We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World, available in paperback and Kindle versions.


More channelings at the blog:

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