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I Vant To Be Left Alone...

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

I wondered if wild animals get cranky like we do. So I put it out to the animals, asking if they ever have bad moods. Here are a few who stepped forward to assure me that no one wears a halo, regardless of whether they sport wings are not:

“Oh yes, absolutely! We feel everything and it's all ever-changing. Sometimes when Mother Earth is cleansing herself it sickens us to our stomachs and we don't want to move or do anything - we just need solitude. Our energy is also affected by the weather and we can be peppy or quite draggy. Do you think we're "skipping and hopping" all the time? Heck no - but we accept the waves that come and we go with them. It's all part of life: high and low, up and down. " - Hare

We and all animals do mental checkouts - it's standard procedure! You can be physically doing what you need to and still take a mental break. What's wrong with that?" - Penguin

“Sometimes I just want to be left alone, so I leave the others and regroup. We all have these moments and come back to the flock refreshed. We’re all handling and working to dispel lower energies, and that can make you tired! It’s especially pronounced for those of us who are around humans a lot. City pigeons work like crazy and people don’t know it." - Pigeon


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