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“To those who know us well, we are facilitators of transformation more than any other species. Humans may not know what we do energetically but- they feel us and, if they are open to it, they begin to look deeply at themselves because we respond to their every thought and emotion. They begin to understand the connection between what goes on inside the and how we behave.

"We are NOT mirrors of humans; we are creatures of cause and effect when we are on the 3-D plane. We ignite the yearning for freedom and self-transcendence in the human soul. We live for harmony: we are peaceful yet powerful, which is how some humans now realize they want to be. We pursue nothing but, instead, enjoy allowing what IS.

"We are multi-dimensional beings, living as much out of our bodies as in them. The more time humans spend with us, not working but allowing our true being to show, the more they realize what is possible for themselves.

"We will help move humans inward so they may experience their own true nature- not what they’ve been taught and molded into. It always goes back to breaking out of the self-and-society-imposed limits that are NOT real.” ~ Horses

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