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Horse Talk About Love

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

I thought I'd jump the gun and give readers a preview of what I'll be posting on Facebook Feb 1 - 14, in honor of Valentines Day. There is so much the animals can teach us about love, whether it's the day in, day out stuff, or the global perspective on how we can heal ourselves and the planet.

Like us, every animal is at its own unique place on its evolutionary path and their individual words reflect that. Here, some insights from so horses who know what love really means:

Caspian – On Being Love

“Love is not something people understand. They think it’s a pretty picture like in a movie and they have only expectations of receiving it. They have it backwards: love is something that comes from inside you because it’s what you’re made of. You have only to let it out. The universe gives back to you what you send out so the love will always flow back to you."

DJ – On Showing Love Through Action

“Love makes me work hard. It makes you keep on giving, even when the other one won’t. It makes you pick your head up and believe in yourself because the other person is counting on you. It is understanding and sweet and makes you put your best foot forward. If humans really watch horses carefully, they will know what love is—they will see it in action.”

Ruggie – On How Love Holds Everything Together


“Love is all there is, do you see that? Do you know that? Everything else is just form: thought forms, tangible forms. Love is the glue, the background that holds all the forms together. When humans break the bonds of love they destroy everything. My heart bleeds for you humans who have forgotten who you are: you are love, and you break yourselves and each other with your forgetfulness. You must honor the love inside you.”

Hugo – On Grounding Yourself in Love

"Keep love in your heart every day: put your hand on your heart before you leave the house. Vibrationally, you will shift into the good. Know that we, the animals, are here to help you. That’s why we choose the high road. Feel the waves of love wash over you. Go with peace and love in your heart and see it emanating from you. You can all access this at any time.”


Honey Bee – On Helping Earth With Your Love

"Send blessings and love out to Gaia each day, thank her for her beauty and gifts. Plant flowers and trees. Keep populating the earth with beautiful life. Pick up trash, hug a tree, listen to the wind with reverence and appreciation. Your love will help nature flourish more than you know."

Excerpted from We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World, available in paperback, ebook and animal message cards


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