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Is Your Cat Aloof? Think Again...

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

(They're not all here with the same purpose......)

I've never been able to establish a solid connection with my boyfriend's cat. Granted, when Mister T and I moved in, we upset the apple cart of her peaceful 7-year existence that consisted of her, her human man, and a lot of blissful alone time, mostly in deep sleep.

But, even with Mister T no longer in form, she has shown no interest in communicating with me and delivers nothing more than an occasional, brief brush against my leg. She is easily irritated by movements that are a bit too swift or too close or just ill-timed. So I've given her a lot of space.

However, the other day, she held my gaze for a break in her slumber, with a look in her eyes that I can only describe as "not from here." Here is what she shared:

"I picked a human who wouldn’t get in the way of my work.

Most of what I do is in what you call the ‘dream state.’

You may think I don’t care about you but that isn’t the truth; it just isn’t what I’m here for.

Some cats are here to help on the Earth plane – their humans, in particular. My work, however, is elsewhere- along with many other cats. I work in other realms. My life in 3-D looks simple and I need it that way because I am working so much of the time.

I am very sensitive – as you’ve seen – to sights, sounds, movements and especially energies that come and go here. But this is not due to trauma! It is because I spend so much time out of 3-D where it is silent, other than the music of the spheres. There are no loud sounds or swift movements.

So no matter how quiet and slow moving you are as a human, your presence can always be an assault on my senses because your energy is so different than what I experience most of the time. Do not blame yourself or try to be different.

Q: “Sumner can you tell me what kind of work you do in other realms?”

S: “It’s my Spirit that does the work, not me.”

Q: “Can you remember anything you can share?”

S: “It’s above me – at the Oversoul level…like a group effort.”

I hope she will share more and I'll happily pass it along.




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Dorothea Lowe
Dorothea Lowe
02 janv. 2023

I was wondering why she needs a physical body to do the Oversoul work?

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