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Seeing Yourself Through Animal Eyes

The animals say that we humans need to receive our wisdom "in repeated doses...because the noisy mind lures us back into forgetfulness." Perhaps that is why so very many species keep trying to get through to shift the way we view ourselves as we progress in age.

The big cats always come through with a dead-serious tone, so I shouldn't have been surprised when a lion offered a bit of tough love on the subject:


" Soul growth is the main purpose for each of us; as we grow so does the pride advance. None of us are wise in youth and that especially goes for humans. Sadly, though, too many of you don’t advance in wisdom over time because fear, self-loathing, laziness and self-numbing hold you back.”

A sheep had a much softer approach, oddly showing up with a pink hairdo (not all that different from the sheep in the pic above):


“Growing older means taking bigger risks. But, they’re risks of a different kind. Daring to be you in ways you never have been before. Not necessarily jumping out of an airplane (although you could do that if you like; I just fail to see why you’d want to).

Whereas you felt you had something to prove to yourself or others in your earlier years, now you can truly live from the inside out. Send a big hello to strangers. Try something just out of curiosity: who cares about the outcome?

But mostly, let that big beautiful heart of yours out of its cage. Failure to let the love out causes heart trouble. Find a ways to show your love to any being: human (including yourself), animal or plant. Sending love to anyone, every day, is the key.”

A giraffe also offered a perspective that I find myself re-reading, so that I can focus on what is truly important:


“There is much to share because the issue of growing older is seen by us as only growing. You think because your skin wrinkles and grows spots that you have lost beauty but you’re looking at yourselves through a warped lens.

Remember the eyes and see how they change with time: the softness and understanding that grow in them are what you should strive for as these are eternal gifts.

Remember too, that beauty is created from within: those that see themselves with compassion and appreciation glow from the inside. Those that rest in negativity and lack self love and self gratitude appear to wither.

You are all roses. Your blooming and beauty are self determined.”


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08 juin 2019

I have always listened to the animals and the more I listen the more I know. I also look at their movements, are they scared, happy, sad ETC. The animals are more intelligent than the human and would rather stay in their world, were there are no expectations, But love

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