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Still More Animal Insights on Growing Older

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

I'm assuming the animals feel we have a lot to learn about the process of aging because so many different species have chimed in to offer up their insights. Here, a panda, chimpanzee and goat share their experience of growing older - and perhaps leave a takeaway for us humanoids:


“We live a long time and we know how things change inside your bodies.

Make your movements softer and more gentle and may your thoughts go along for the ride.

Do your best to discard anything stressful as its impact is harder on you as you age.

Watch and listen more: you’ll notice details you missed when you were younger.

There is magic in the pause (paws…got it?)

Find the funny, especially in yourself.

Make the time to commune with others, especially those younger than you. You will feel good if they ask for your guidance and wisdom. Always wait to be asked first, though: no one likes a preachy papa or mama.”


“We soften when we are older, presumably like you if you have learned life’s lessons well. We are more content with what is, as opposed to trying to gain power.

If there are arguments, we settle them with words not physical force. Females also gain more power as we listen to them more.

What used to be important ceases to be.

Wisdom means not fretting about little things. It means letting go, focusing on happiness first. Togetherness. Peaceful interactions. Gratefulness for all things big and little. You realize it is a gift to be alive.

I used to get worked up a lot. I don’t anymore. I shrug and don’t question so much. It’s all in the plan.”


“Before (in youth) you huffed and puffed. Now, train your breath to be even and smooth.

Use your wisdom as your scepter and shine it regularly.

When you stop the illusion of control and surrender to God’s plan, you grow in power and beauty.

Acceptance give you peace. And peace is power. Power doesn’t come from how big a noise you can make. When you value what you have developed within, the rest of the world will value it too.

NEVER see yourself as no longer useful. NEVER isolate as it hastens an early death. Reinforce the power of your own light by connecting with others. Create community as it once was.

Show the young ones how it’s done; that growing older doesn’t kill your spirit – you just have a bigger one that takes up more of your shell.”


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