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The Animals Are Showing Up For You


When I was channeling We Walk Beside You, I asked the animals how we can get closer to them, and a seagull came through with this:


“When we alight on your table, an offering of food means we are welcome and we don’t need to swipe things just to fill our bellies. Don’t you think we’d prefer to be invited guests instead of thieves? You bet your life we would!

Little by little, the word will get out and be carried far and wide by the birds and through thought because the information is in the grid for all to tap into. This is why animals all over the world are affected for good or for ill by what you do in your own life. There are no secrets—go decide what imprint you want to make.”

So...perhaps you're wondering- do the animals know of my kindnesses? Does it even matter? If they're leaving signs for me, how can I tell? How can I possibly know that anything I do makes a difference on a larger level?


A recent personal experience: I feed birds and squirrels daily. My local store bags huge quantities of shelled sunflower seeds for me (in contrast to the Covid-19-induced plastic baggies of food that now fill the bulk bins). Of the five species of birds that routinely enjoy breakfast on my patio, the most plentiful are mourning doves. Over the July 4th weekend, I was away at a friend's house when, all at once, a flight of mourning doves alighted on his deck. He has never before had bird visitors - he thought - due to the presence of his cat. But they showed up this time while she was sitting there as always.

Birds are wonderful to start with because, as they say, "We choose where we fly and if we fly over you it is on purpose and for a reason.....Watch us. Notice where we hover. When someone is in physical or emotional pain, or is missing the wonder and beauty right in front of them, we focus a message there; sometimes we gather, awaiting the person who will walk by. We will sing to someone if they are sad and feel alone, hoping they will look up and take notice and know that the song is for them. Perhaps one in a million will notice, but we never stop trying; we are the eternal optimists."

The animal world works differently than ours. To truly see what they're trying to show us,we need to pay attention to the slow down and realize that intention - not accident - are at play. More and more people are now connecting the dots, understanding that hawks are messengers, birds willingly show up as physical reminders of loved ones on the other side, and more.


One example: While I was quite occupied at a doctor's appointment, an orangutan telepathically interrupted out of nowhere, with this message:

The world is weeping for us and all creatures and we feel it. The heaviness is unbearable.

Humans have no idea that they are actually creating what they don’t want to see with their sadness, grief and rage. Please tell them that darkness will win if frustration, anger and resentment reign; the same goes for helplessness and victimhood.

Please speak for us: we are energetic beings and we feel what is in the Web [of Life]. We feel the energy of humans no matter where they are. If they want to help us, they will do so by finding joy in their own lives.”

Third: REMEMBER THAT ANIMALS RECEIVE AND DISSEMINATE INFORMATION IN SEVERAL DIFFERENT WAYS. As the seagull suggested - and the squirrels described beautifully in Chapter 5 of We Walk Beside You:

1. Birds disseminate information to the entire animal kingdom;

2. Animals put information into—and receive it from—the Energetic Grid aka The Web of Life (that only humans can't see);

3. They read our thought stream (that goes into the grid too);

4. What they don’t see/hear/get from the grid or birds, they just feel, sense or know.

In short, while they see ALL the atrocities that humans cause, they also see ALL of us who love and respect the natural world and feel deep respect for / connection with all living beings. Because of their intricate communication system (and the small creatures' ability to witness everything humans are up to), they know far more than we do about the millions of kind human thoughts and actions that occur every day.

The crazier things get in our human world, the more we can see, in contrast, that the animals around us offer our everyday lives the things we crave most: clarity, peace, meaning, love and magic.

Most of all, they are driving us inward to trust ourselves, (in contrast to everything we are being "fed" right now). Only by listening to our quiet inner knowing, can we re-establish our connection with the whole of Life.


Much more wisdom and many surprises from the Animal Kingdom await you and your children in the We Walk Beside You series (book cover images below):

We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World (Book and Message Cards)

The Secrets of the Animals trilogy (in rhyme) for children 5-11(books 1 and 2 available)

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Aug 03, 2020

Thanks for the email response.

After reading your book- this was even more beautiful-


Jul 12, 2020

Hi! I loved your book We Walk Beside You and it led me to this great blog. Thank you!

I’ve heard that right now there are mass elephant deaths going on in Botswana. Like hundreds. Have any of the animals mentioned what’s going on with that? Thanks again.

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