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The Rat Is Back With Good News

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

It's been almost two years since the rat featured in We Walk Beside You transitioned. Last night while I was really busy thinking about something else, he popped in without hesitation because, obviously, he had something important to share:

"I have wanted to come through to you so I had to insert myself. Much has changed since you wrote the book, whether you see it or not. We do...because we are part of Oneness and experience the global shift taking place in the minds and hearts of humans.

The numbers of you growing in awareness, kindness and love are staggering but you cannot see this from your vantage point. People are realizing who they are - that they are not their governments, their leaders, their parents or what they were told they should be. The powerful force of the populace is creating change: eating fewer animals is one way; voting to outlaw all kinds of abuse is another.

We see the whole umbrella effect and it is most wonderful. Stay strong, all of you, on your path of goodness. You are doing more to shift humanity than you know..."

OH...and just in case you still have human revulsion for rats ingrained into you, you might be interested in this: a provocative new study has modeled plague outbreaks and suggests that the maligned rodents may not be the culprits after all.


Dive deeper into animal awareness and inner lives in We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World, the book and animal message cards:


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Feb 25, 2019

Very glad to hear from this guy and to hear his viewpoint on the changes. It can be disheartening to know there is still a great deal of negativity here, so I am delighted to have the reminder to focus on the positive. Sending him much love and heartfelt thanks for his messages.

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